I am an an associate professor at Bentley University, USA. My research philosophy involves a critical and practice-based approach to social dynamics associated with knowledge management and innovation, mostly at the network level. My primary focus is on the adoption, use and exploitation of information technology in a variety of settings including Enterprise Systems, Electronic Medical Record systems, social media networks, and sensor-based devices. My most recent research concentrates on sociomaterial practices in networks, with a particular focus on the strategic role of power dynamics, from a longitudinal perspective. Before joining Bentley, I was a research fellow at The University of Warwick (Warwick Business School) where I currently hold a joint appointment as a teaching associate in the ISM (Information Systems Management) group.

Here you can download some of my recent works (this is NOT an inclusive list):

  • 2017 Information & Management paper on knowledge management processes associated with traditional and agile IDS (with Alec Cram) - click here
  • 2017 Communication of the AIS paper on the societal implications of sensor-based technologies and big data analytics in the automotive industry (e.g., Progressive and the "black box") with Sean Hansen, Sue Newell and Chiara Frigerio - click here
  • 2016 Information Systems Journal paper on power and everyday practices in the context of Information Systems Strategizing (ISS) with Bob Galliers - click here
  • 2016 - Organization Studies paper on power in healthcare networks (with Daniela, Sue, Harry, and Jacky) - click here
  • 2015 - Journal of Strategic Information Systems paper on big and little data (with Sue Newelll) - click here
  • 2014 - Health Systems paper on boundary objects (with Sue, Chantal, and Jacky) - click here
  • 2014 - International Journal of Management Reviews paper on power and materiality and absorptive capacity (with Sue Newell) - click here
  • 2013 International Journal of Managing Projects in Business paper on communities of practices (winner: best published article of the year, with Chiara, Federico, and Sue) - click here
  • 2012 Industry & Innovation paper on ambidexerity (with Chiara and Federico) - click here
  • 2012- Journal of Strategic Information Systems paper on knowledge and knowing (with Sue Newell)  - click here

I don't update this page very often, and I am aware that some of my papers are not listed here. Please visit my webpage at Bentley University (click here) should you need furhter details about me.

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